Why do I need Plzlogin?

Plzlogin had been rolled out to all Billplz merchants to improve our KYC process and to safeguard our merchants and their customers from online fraud risk, and we regret to inform you that we could not eliminate this process.

Starting this year, we are required to verify the Person In Charge (PIC) for each Billplz account too (not just the Organization).
We understand your concern and we are aware our KYC method might not be as per what you are familiar with.

The typical verification process is to ask for a copy of MyKad. However, the copy can be forged (if via online) and the manual process of confirming it is time-consuming and costly. Therefore, we request the PIC's bank account number instead. The verification process will be similar to how we verified your Billplz account. The system will transfer RM0.01 sen to the Individual bank account. MyKad number can be automatically verified if the transfer is successful. Not to mention banks had already done an excellent KYC on the Individual.

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