How to confirm or activate your account?

1. Click Resend button

Due to whatever reasons you did not receive the confirmation email, please click the "Resend confirmation email?" to get activated.

2. Enter your existing email

  • You can only submit your existing login email.
  • Click the "Resend Confirmation Email" button.

3. Check your Mailbox

  • Please check your inbox (if not Junk/Spam mail).

4. Click the Confirmation Link

  • Proceed to click the 'green box' to activated your Plzlogin account.
  • You need to click the link within 10 minutes if not, the token will be expired. 

5. Redirected to Plzlogin account

  • Fill up your Individual information.

  • After complete the Individual section, you can proceed to add your Organization application.

*6. Using the same email as Individual

  • If you are using the same email, you need to verify your email twice; by clicking the "Resend" button in the Organization section.
  • Repeat Step 3 and 4.

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